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In the summer of 2006 the Nelsnick Enterprises and Hall Consulting completed the Partial Update of the Comprehensive Plan, Capital Improvements Element, and Capital Improvements Program for the Town of Sharpsburg, Georgia. The Comprehensive Plan provides a vision of the town’s future that extends its pedestrian oriented small town character to areas surrounding the existing town limits. Several areas have been identified for possible annexation, including a 750 unit sub-division located to the northeast of the incorporated area. A major road improvement project is also planned that connects these areas with Peachtree City. There is tremendous growth pressure on Sharpsburg and the surrounding undeveloped land.

The Comprehensive Plan was developed at the Advanced Planning Level in accordance with the Rules of the Georgia DCA, Chapter 110-12-1, Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning, “Local Planning Requirements,” effective May 1, 2005. The Local Planning Requirements establish a framework for an objective Community Assessment, a Community Participation Program, and a Community Agenda, establishing the vision for the future and the strategy for implementation.

The Capital Improvements Program includes a description of the planned projects, construction schedule, estimated costs, and projected sources of funds. The Nelsnick and Hall Team worked with Town leadership and administration to develop a list of potential projects and provided a method to prioritize these projects. Sources of funds were developed including potential grants, impact fees, additional general fund revenues and other sources as appropriate. The availability of these funds was projected and a schedule was developed using the prioritized list of projects. A Capital Improvements Element was developed for projects that are impact fee eligible and is included in the Comprehensive Plan.
The plans are available for review from the DCA website: http://www.dca.ga.gov/development/PlanningQualityGrowth/programs/downloads/plans/SharpsburgCommunityAssessment.pdf