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ATC’s mobile app is available for free download in the Apple and Android app stores.

iOS Devices:

Athens Technical College – AndroidAthens Technical College – iOS

Android Devices:

Athens Technical College – Android

We assisted Athens Technical College (ATC) with the design of its first Mobile App. Funding for the mobile app was provided by the Athens Tech Student Advisory Council. Natasha was part of the committee to ensure that the mobile app was designed for its target audience, ATC’s students. The committee determined that we would partner with DubLabs (development) and that the app would be available for: Android, iOS devices, tablets and Smartphones in general. The plan was to have a comprehensive reach and flexibility to allow students to use the app on the go, at the College, or at home.

ATC’s mobile application easily connects you to Athens Tech’s courses, events, emergency numbers, news, jobs, student activities, library, catalog, and more. See ATC’s spotlight.