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Nelsnick Enterprises, Inc . and Hall Consulting, Inc . worked as a team to perform the updates of the Comprehensive Plans for the Cities of Arcade, Jefferson, and Talmo . The Plans were developed using a high level of public input and the team worked closely with residents and business owners to create a vision for each City . The Plans complied with the requirements of Chapter 110-12-1: Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning, “Local Planning Requirements,” as updated in May 2005 at the Advanced Planning Level .

The Community Assessment summarized development patterns, issues and opportunities, and level of compliance with the Department of Community Affairs’ Quality Community Objectives . The Assessment included an inventory and analysis of all the traditional elements of

a Comprehensive Plan . The Hall and Nelsnick Team has planners with expertise in each planning element field and the Team assigns the appropriate planner to each element .

The Community Assessment served as the foundation for the public involvement component of each City’s Comprehensive Planning effort . The Community Participation Plan (CPP) outlines the community involvement program that offered a wide range of opportunities to local citizens interested in participation in the Comprehensive Planning process . Marilyn Hall developed the CPP with input from the Quad Cities Planning Commission staff and from each City . The Consultant Team worked with each City’s elected officials, staff, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to identify and prioritize issues and opportunities for each City’s future development . The Community Agenda includes an update of the material in the Assessment based on public input, a short and long term work program, and a list of policies for future decision making .

Report Sample: Excerpt from the City of Jefferson Comprehensive Plan’s Community Agenda prepared by Bobby Sills and Marilyn Hall Pages 8-11 – Areas Requiring Special Attention: The Community Participation Program, Community Assessment, and Community Agenda are all linked off the DCA website for all three Cities: Jefferson, Talmo, and Arcade . https://www .dca .ga .gov/development/PlanningQualityGrowth/ programs/currentplans .asp

The Consultant Team completed three major elements, the Community Assessment, Community Participation Plan, and Community Agenda as part of the Comprehensive Plan.