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The Partial Update to the Comprehensive Plan of Ware County and the City of Waycross is a policy guide for the interim period between Comprehensive Plan updates resulting from a shift in the statewide Comprehensive Plan recertification schedule. This plan helped Ware County and the City of Waycross address critical issues and opportunities during the transitional period between Comprehensive Plan Updates.

Ware County and the City of Waycross were experiencing several demographic and economic challenges, including a declining population and areas experiencing rapid commercial development and a large Planned Unit Development.

Waycross and Ware County serve as a regional hub for retail and commercial development. However, downtown Waycross was not thriving. The plan identified the need to develop a merchant base in downtown Waycross. There were several empty and deteriorating buildings downtown that offered great reinvestment opportunities. Favoring new developments over redevelopment had increased service delivery costs and led to further decline in existing commercial areas. The plan identified opportunities to redevelop and reinvest in declining areas. The plan also recommended active marketing of a Small Business Revolving Loan Fund to assist small business development downtown.

In addition to downtown reinvestment the Plan identified strategies for historic preservation, improving the City of Waycross’s gateways, financing the maintenance of SPLOST funded capital projects, and the need for updating Waycross’s zoning and development ordinances.

Report Sample: Excerpt from the Ware County Partial Update to the Comprehensive Plan prepared by Marilyn Hall and Bobby Sills. Page 23 – 27 Implementation Plan. The plans have since been updated so the link on the DCA website is no longer correct. The plans have been placed on WFN’s website at http://wfnconsulting.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/Ware-County-Partial-Update-2-18-2008.pdf and http://wfnconsulting.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/Waycross-Partial-Update-2-19-2008.pdf for review.

Waycross-Ware County is the major transportation hub of highways, rail, and air in Southeast Georgia.  These transportation resources are a major reason for the success of commercial and industrial job growth.